Why is it ang dating daan & iglesia ni cristo fights each other if they serve god & jesus christ???

Noted for its chapel architecture of narrow-pointed spires, it was founded and registered with the Filipino government by Felix Manalo on July 27, , and claims to have been established by Jesus in the last days through fulfillment of biblical prophecies. Although the church does not disclose the exact number of members, estimates of worldwide membership range from 3 to 10 million. Quezon created a lasting friendship after asking Felix Manalo for advice, the INC has been known for its strong political influence. INC members are noted for their bloc voting in Philippine elections, and some Philippine media credit the INC bloc vote for the presidential campaign victory of Joseph Estrada in , and the re-election of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in In contrast, Arroyo’s father, Diosdado Macapagal refused INC’s preferred support during his runs for Vice President in , and re-election for President in —in which he incidentally lost to Marcos. Based on his political and religious views, he referred to the INC as “harmful to democracy because it forces its believers to vote solidly in elections” in his autobiography. Until , the INC also distributed lists of supported candidates for elections in the United States. Printed in both Tagalog and English, the magazine consists of letters to the editor, news from locales worldwide, religious poetry, articles relating to INC beliefs, a directory of locales and schedules of worship services.

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The IRB believes the statements of Menorca are credible. According to the former INC minister, the supposedly several days of the process of hearing took more than a year due to the many counter-petitions sent by the members of the religious group. The process took longer because INC was sending various unsolicited letters.

Police are zeroing in on the angle that the killing could be connected to the victim’s leaving the Felix Manalo-founded Iglesia ni Cristo Church and his transferring to .

Formally established on July 27, Founder: Felix Ysagun Manalo May 10, — April 12, According to official InC doctrine Manalo was the last messenger of God, sent to reestablish the first church founded by Jesus Christ, which the INC claims fell into apostasy following the death of the Apostles. The latter died in August, Iglesio ni Cristo claims to be to only true church established by Jesus Christ.

But while the movement says it represents Christianity, its theology deviates from the essential doctrines of the Christian faith that which makes Christianity Christian, and not something else to such an extend that it must be considered theologically a cult of Christianity. Denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

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Iglesia ni Cristo The Church of Christ CommentsTopPopularNewest The doctrines and teachings of the Church of Christ are all based on Word of God written in the Bible There is no comparison with other religious organizations when it comes to leadership and performance. Manalo, our present Executive Minister has attained unprecedented victories never before achieved by the Church, despite heavy persecutions suffered from the enemies of the Church.

Not even Brother Eduardo V. Manalo was spared from painful trials, considering, that the trials given by God to our beloved brother, are likened to trials and tribulations experienced by the early chosen leaders of God In choosing between his mother, two younger brothers and a sister

The Members Church of God in Jesus Christ Worldwide or MCGCJW (Spanish Official Name: Miembros dela Iglesia de Dios en Jesu Cristo en Todo El Mundo Inc.) is an independent Christian organization with headquarters in the Philippines led by Wilfredo “Bro. Willy” Santiago, a former bible reader of Ang Dating Daan program of MCGI.

Section 2 of the act specified the area of the new barangay: The barangay was envisioned to be the new home of the National Government Center, an area housing the three branches of the Philippine government legislative, executive and judicial , because Quezon City was declared the capital of the country in This government center in Quezon City was originally planned to be at what is now Quezon Memorial Circle , before it was moved north to the area of what is now Batasan Hills.

Even as the Batasang Pambansa Complex was being completed, the capital of the country was transferred to Manila in Before its creation as a barangay, the area was called “Constitution Hill”, referring to the hilly area on where the government center was supposed to rise. Today, most of Batasan Hills is residential. Although it has one of the largest urban poor populations in the country, it is also home to middle and upper class real estate properties like Filinvest 1 and 2, Northview 1 and 2, and Treviso which were developed by real estate firm Filinvest Land.

The barangay is in the Legislative districts of Quezon City. The current barangay captain is John “Jojo” M. Other government establishments in the area include the headquarters of the Civil Service Commission , the Commission on Audit , and the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Also located within the barangay is Ever Gotesco Commonwealth a shopping mall , a Convergys office call center , a branch of Starbucks, Ministop, and St.

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Their television programs contributed largely to the aggravation of their relations. On August 16, , the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board MTRCB preventively suspended the showing of the Ang Dating Daan program for 20 days due to slander and use of offensive and obscene language by its televangelist-host Eliseo Soriano , as a means of disciplinary action.

Soriano challenged the action in court, arguing that the suspension imposed by the MTRCB constituted prior restraint on the media and that his language during the show’s August 10, broadcast was not obscene and offensive. Lehitimong anak ng demonyo! Masahol ka pa sa putang babae, o di ba?

Feb 18,  · W HEN we talk about credibility and reliability of the Old Testament text, what we are establishing here is the textual accuracy and the historical reliability of the Scriptures. Textual accuracy of the Old Testament text has shown in at least in four major ways.

It noted that Urban Luzon represents 77 percent of all urban TV households in the country, while Mega Manila accounts for 60 percent. Specifically, GMA said it led in total day ratings in Urban Luzon with a household audience share of GMA posted double-digit margins over rival networks in its Mega Manila bailiwick with a Giorgidi Aggabao, filed in September , and another by Baguio Rep. The committee chair, Marikina Rep. Should congress during Duterte admin renew it? ABS-CBN is among the media networks Duterte apparently boycotted and barred from covering his press conferences and activities.

Claims that the franchise will not be extended are purely speculative.

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You can view their latest videos, pictures, scandals,news and etc His name Felix happy was chosen from the roster of saints from that month. He was baptized a Catholic, his mother a devout Roman Catholic who had Felix attend Catechism class where he learned the fundamentals of the Roman Catholic faith. When he became a teenager he went on a spiritual quest through five known denominations.

He became a follower of the ”Colorum” spiriting sect in the Philippines which was secretive and had pilgrimages to a sacred mountain.

The Iglesia ni Cristo, a non-trinitarian church that’s the largest indigenous Christian denomination in the Philippines, requires non-adherents marrying members to convert to the religion prior to the wedding. Conversely, members found to have married outside of the .

He suggested to the brethren that they invite friends and relatives, and to gather them to a place where they can eat together and have Bro. Eli Soriano as guest speaker. Part of the concept was to have an open forum whereby guests can ask questions to Bro. Eli regarding the Holy Scriptures. There were also those who call themselves freelancers, those who profess not having any particular religion.

Aside from food being prepared personally by Bro. Eli, Bibles were also given to guests for free.

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They were good and creative years. My call to ministry came while serving as a counselor for a church camp outside Montreal. One beautiful summer morning, the sun was dancing off the water and a gentle breeze was blowing. Even after returning, there was one teaching of the Catholic Church — the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist — that Louise could not get over, until Jesus touched her heart.

Oct 14,  · Members Church of God International (Filipino: Mga Kasapi Iglesia ng Dios Internasyonal) is a religious organization popularly known through its television program, Ang Dating Daan (English for the “The Old Path”).

They are usually found near highways and national roads. To the observers, they would just read a sign in the front doors- Iglesia Ni Cristo. Source – Image owned by me Article Updated: September 02, The signs may hence brought the travellers a curious thought on what is all about that and what do members do? Note that I am not a member of the church.

I based all these things from research and from asking friends who are INCs. What is Iglesia Ni Cristo? This is an independent Christian denomination founded by Felix Manalo, a Filipino who from his history said that he joined many different denominations in search for the truth about God and salvation. His stay from these churches gave him so many confusions until he studied the Bible and came up with his own church.

To name a few, here is the list. They reject the idea that Jesus is God and they strongly adhere to the teachings of Arius. They believe that Jesus Christ is purely and fully human, was the son of God but not divine. Thereby rejecting the concept of the Holy Trinity Three persons in one God.

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Today, the Philippines is mostly Catholic and other forms of Christianity, and only a handful of the indigenous tribes continue to practice the old traditions. These are a collection of beliefs and cultural mores anchored more or less in the idea that the world is inhabited by spirits and supernatural entities, both good and bad, and that respect be accorded to them through nature worship. Wooden images of ancestral spirits anito in a museum in Bontoc , Philippines Some worship specific deities, such as the Tagalog supreme deity, Bathala , and his children Adlaw, Mayari , and Tala , or the Visayan deity Kan-Laon.

Others practice Ancestor worship anitos. Magic , chants and prayers are often key features. In the Visayan regions, shamanistic and animistic beliefs in witchcraft barang and mythical creatures like aswang vampires , duwende dwarves , and bakonawa a gigantic sea serpent , may exist in some indigenous peoples alongside more mainstream Christian and Islamic faiths.

The official website of the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Church of Christ.

I am really, really scared. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a Philippine based cult group with a mob-like violent long history. Why would a supposed to be a religious-peace loving group would be endorsing an appointment to a criminal investigating government agency? INC members are constantly attacking Catholics. INC members were trained and indoctrinated to hate the Catholics and Protestants. That is all INC can give regarding the health issue affecting the whole Filipino nation, they just endorse and say their thoughts about it but they do nothing to penniless Filipinos who needs medical attention.

Iglesia Ni Cristo cannot even campaign against the health-risk of cigarette smoking because INC members are cigarette smokers. INC allow their members to smoke cigarettes.

Iglesia ni Cristo Straining the Gnats but not the Camel

The words of God are written only in the Bible. The Bible should be the only basis of service to God. This is the truth which will teach man salvation from punishment on Judgment Day. The Father who created all things is the only true God.

Iglesia Ni Cristo – What does Catholics and Protestants say – *Iglesia Ni Cristo is a CULT* The INC magazine Pasugo always try to convince their members that the whole world admire Iglesia Ni Cristo. (Pasugo is being.

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: Should that suggest that all political powers are ordained of God? So Israel as a country set up kings but not by God. Israel have theocratic rulers, though it is not political but is that applicable to political rulers as well, the setting up of rulers of a country not by god?

So what happened to Israel that rulers are set up not by God is a similar event to all country, meaning, it could be possible likewise for other countries. The fact that god did not ordain all powers in those categories, therefore Romans13 was not speaking of them as the generally god-ordained powers. If a ruler imposed same sex marriage, it must not be opposed? Should Christians then accept same sex marriage? It is not natural. It is vile affection.

The verse likewise said:

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