As on 26th January , at 18 02 hours, India, Saturn transits through Dhanu Rashi, Sade Sati It is a very dreadful word for the common masses; in fact we need to understand it fully. There is a general belief that Sade Sati period brings dissatisfaction, disappointments, depression, differences, disputes, disharmony and undesirable results, but actually this is not the case. Most of the people go through periods of Sade Sati in their life time, 4 periods are very rare. It reappears after every 25 years from when it first finished. Results will really vary chart to chart. If someone is having all negative factors in the chart as explained above, then his time will be very bad, but if someone has most of the factors as positive, then Saturn will end up giving very good results. Keep this in mind while studying the transit of Saturn. Saturn as a planet: Saturn is called, Sanaischara, which moves leisurely. It is the outermost planet; Saturn is Million Miles away from Sun, while it is smaller than Jupiter.

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What is Astrology Astrology can be defined as study of effects that distant cosmic objects like stars have on our lives. It is believed that the position of sun, moon stars, and planets at the time of person’s birth and not their conception changes personality, affects their romantic relationships and changes their economical fortunes, so date, place and time of birth are the factors which mianely contirbute to the horoscope of an individual.

And based on the planetery position it is possible to predict about family, health, financial, marriage, lovematch, jobs, career, business, life partner, lovelife. At asthaastrology you may ask one free astrology question. We also offer online services like finanacial analysis, career advice, lifetime predictions, lovematch and matrimonial suggestions, Express question, Zodiac Sign Compatability, Instant astrological answers and personal chat appointments based on Indian vedic system by famous Astrologer Arun Dayal located in New Delhi, India.

An astrology analysis of these planetary relationships can answer questions on all aspects of your life like- marriage, business, love, jobs, family, health, romance, finance, career, education etc Site provides information about the Vedic, Bhrigu, Kp and Nadi Astrology.

Learn KP System or Astrology, also known Krishnamurti Paddhati from the leaders in astrology. KP Astrology is not Nadi astrology. Get Free KP software, KP Kundli and KP tools.

The horoscope is a map of the heavens at the time and place of birth which shows the positions of the planets and their relation to the new born child. Astrology is the science which studies the combined influences of these stellar bodies on the human being. In astrological language, the planets indicate: The manner in which activities were performed in previous lives.

The manner in which they are thus likely to be performed in the present life. An astrology reading probes the depths of meanings to areas of life thus indicated. Services Rectify my birth chart Most of us are unsure about the exact time of birth because of the time difference in the Local Standard Time and the watch in the hospitals. The importance of exact time of birth

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There was a seemingly innocuous error in the code because of which the value of Midheaven was coming out to be wrong. Thus, the entire logic behind Bhava Chart was failing. Now, I have fixed the problem and would be publishing another version of my applet on the website soon. I just need to test it well. After I publish the application on the web site, which would be in next few hours, I would request all users to check the data and notify me immediately if there are any errors.

,which offers a free way to get Vedic kundali Online absolutely can fill in the form below and will directly open your Kundali in I really thank these people for the noble task they are performing by helping people all over the world.

Twitter 36 characteristics in Kundali that are matched during matchmaking There are 8 qualities. It is interesting to note that greater weightage was given by our ancients on factors like progeny, emotional compatibility, basic nature and friendship than romantic love. It is also important to note that the points indicate favorable circumstances for success of marriage.

Actual marriage can succeed only when both individuals put in the right effort and do their marital duties well. Nadi 8 points — decided based on nakshatra star sign like ashlesha, phalgun etc There are 21 nakshatras total divided into 3 groups — antya madhya and adhya. Best match is person outside your nakshatra group..

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Varahamihira is the only Vedic astrology software for astrologers. It emphasizes more on assisting astrologer rather than becoming astrologer. It contains calculations of all popular astrological systems like Parashara, Jaimini, K. System, Lal Kitab, Matchmaking and Varshaphal etc. The software has specially been developed keeping expert astrologers and Jyotish research scholars in mind. It can be called the best solution for any Astrologer or an astrology enthusiast.

Janam Kundali or Vedic Horoscope or Birth Chart. A birth chart also known as kundli, janma kundali, janam kundali, janampatri, Vedic horoscope, Vedic chart, Hindu chart, Tewa, Teepna etc.

The Houses Of Wealth Usually, astrologers say that the 5th and 9th house signifies income, gain, money, etc. However, these have no connection with 5th and 9th house. Gain money is related to the 11th and 2nd house. Now, the question arises, why Sage Parashar said Lakshmi money resides in 5th and 9th house. Actually, 5th and 9th house belongs to name, fame, intelligence, good health, spirituality, Dharm, respect and emotions, to name a few.

According to Sage Parashar, all these things are Lakshmi and one who owns them does not need the money 11th house. Hence, he prioritized these houses. For example, Vishwamitra was a sage 5th and 9th house and Dasaratha as well as Janak were Kings 11th house. Vishwamitra was respected and these two Kings used to touch his feet.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined

The most popular Vedic astrology marriage compatibility analysis method is through the Asht-Koot Milan (8-point checking). The 8 Kutas have 36 gunas in all and the compatibility of the match is assessed through a scoring system.

Pisces Taurus Woman Reading this article you’ll know how a Taurus lady gets attention even among crowd , what personality she possess, what specialities she has, and what attitude she exposes. You must go through the unique characteristics of a Taurus woman, as it will help you understanding your Taurus partner better. You’ll love and yearn to see her in your life. A Taurus woman is a lady full of self-respect and innocence. She is proud for herself. She is loyal, reliable and remains with her promises throughout the life.

She is certainly a good partner if enters in marital relationship as her loyalty will please you always. A Taurus woman allows natural presence of things. She hardly accepts artificial substances. Living in natural surroundings like greenery, waterfalls, hill stations and all other incredible natures immensely delight her.

Being a practical lady she believes in reality and does not like going into virtual things. Her empathy for imagination is quite low. Her aspirations are also limited. Affluent wealth charms her.

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Title KP Tripathiji is one of the most famous and completely genuine astrologers I have ever met. Ten years back, my family was going through one of the most traumatic times. My sister and I were still students. Through the grace of God, we met KP Tripathiji.

Match prediction by KP astrology; KP astrology cricket predictions; Here are some major difference between Vedic/Traditional method & KP method-This system gives us the importance towards the Constellations, Stars & Nakshatras divisions of the Zodiac that’s .

This Paddhati or procedure was created by the Indian renowned astrologer Prof. He was also called the king of the astrology basically in India. One can say all that KP came as a savior. The KP was that much perfect that it was so approachable, like when the traditional or Vedic systems judged something they answered and the answer was sometime matches and sometime not, like specially for times, if the traditional system and horoscope confirm it that it the birth in 5 am then KP could get the difference of 5 min also, and fix that it was 5min earlier.

The major difference was caught on the time scheduling because it needs the perfect one. These subdivisions are not the equal but as per the Vimshottari Dashas Divisions System. KP system uses the K. P Ayanamshas as opposed to the Lahiri Ayanamshas that hich is mostly used in Vedic system. The difference between the above two is about 6mins. The KP system uses Cusps those bhav beginnings like western system but the Vedic do not do that they do use house centers.

The KP system uses Placidus house systems. Maximum of the decisions controlled by it is by SUB.

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Various computations needed by serious Vedic astrologers and Vedic astrology researchers. It will not work on old Windows 3. But people are using it on MacOS and linux using windows simulators. If interested, read some information on it.

I have also studied astronomy and mathematical astrology and that is the reason I contributed to many astrology software and websites. The software like ‘Mobile Kundli’ – the first detailed astrology software for Palmtop (pocket) computers, AstroSMS – first SMS based astrology software, AstroWAP – the first astrology software for WAP & GPRS Mobile phones etc.

Yogas and its effects Generates the Tamil horoscope and finds out the planetary combinations causing the yogas. How can I make my horoscope in Tamil online? This free Tamil astrology software has an inbuilt database of global locations. Once you enter these details in the given fields, LifeSign Mini will generate an accurate horoscope report in a minute.

Does this Free Tamil astrology software provide chovva dosham predictions? This is considered as inauspicious for ones marriage. LifeSign Mini generates your birth chart and studies the placement of kuja in it.

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Find A Zodiac Match: Compatibility horoscopes are designed to help two people in a romantic relationship to understand in more detail the dynamics of their love relationship. They focus on the individual’s character traits, needs, compatibilities, and other personal characteristics.

But being scientific astrologers following the wonderful KP system, we have to apply scientifically the knowledge along with the logic and principles properly while doing the matching surpassing the traditional method.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible Oops, there was an error sending your message. Please try again later Relationship Compatibility Astrology Relationship Compatibility Astrology can help you understand how astrology influences our Relationships with other people, and how one can apply the divine power of Astrology to find a suitable love or a business partner.

The relationship between two people could be romantic, business, extended family or friendships of varying nature. It is used to evaluate love, harmony, happiness, profit, luck etc. You will also have answers to Business Compatibility questions, if you are interested in Business Compatibility for wealth generation and success in financial matters.

You have money planets and money houses in your astrology chart, and you also have planets that cause loss of money and houses of loss. If you understand your strengths and weaknesses around your ability to attract and accumulate wealth, it can empower you to achieve financial independence. When you have financial independence, you are less moved by the external factors such as the economy or job security. In this way you can be the master of your own destiny, and not feel the victim of external economic forces beyond your control.

My personal mantra is that using financial astrology as an investing and trading tool can allow one to make more money, with less risk. Shrewd business people use astrology for a successful business launch to give them an advantage. Each sign and each planet are associated with a number of possible diseases. So it may be said that the native may be affected by such disease or diseases.

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Bhakoot Nadi These eight gunas carry points on the basis of their importance. Varna carries 1 mark. Vasya is given 2 marks. Tara carries 3 points. Yoni is given 4 points. Graha Maitri has 5 points.

Finding The Right Partner Through Kundli Matching. In Vedic Astrology, the concept of Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching is very eminent. Marriage is the sacred bond between two separate entities, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life.

Choose What To Do Looking for marriage compatibility, career guidance, love or relationships, muhurthas, fertility, govt jobs , remedies. Schedule Appointment We will take days to prepare and analyze horoscope. When will I get married? Will I marry a foreigner or not? Will I marry the person I love? My marriage will be arranged marriage or love marriage?

My life partner is committed to me or not? Will I have good married life? Will I be able to resolve my problems with my life partner? When will I be able to reconcile with my life partner? When will I get divorce? When will I remarry?

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