Timeline of MAHABHARATA 3139 B.C

We are not interested in new age mumbo-jumbo. We are interested in understanding what is real and what is false. This is why we, along with all other great minds, consult the Vedic texts. Niels Bohr got the ball rolling around by explaining why atoms emit and absorb electromagnetic radiation only at certain frequencies. Wave functions are used in Quantum Mechanics to determine how particles move and interact with time. This is because they are trying to observe something that is of the same scale as the photons they are using to observe it. To be more specific, to observe something that is subatomic in size one must use a device apparatus that projects photons at the particle being observed.

The Date of Mahabharta War

Article suggests some candidate dates for Mahabharata war. Mahabharata is a great epic, and is one of the pillars of present day Hinduism. The Mahabharata story and its moral ethos have had profound influence on millions over many generations. Mahabharata war is said to have occurred before the transition of Dwapara Yuga to Kali Yuga.

Dating the Mahabharata war and start of Kaliyuga has been elusive and going on for many centuries.

This article tries to estimate the date of the Bharata War (or Mahabharata War) using Upanishadic student Teacher list, Puranic genealogies and the archaeological PGW Culture (esp Hastinapura). The author arrives at a date of ± B.C.E for the Mahabharata War.

The author arrives at a date of B. E for the Mahabharata War. E, whereas dates based on astronomical references vary anywhere between B. E to B. E hence such early dates are perhaps unlikely. In order to date the Bharata War one has to rely solely of literary evidence which can be divided into four broad categories: Gautama Buddha as a Historical MarkerNow one of the most important markers in early Indian history is the period of Gauatam Buddha which itself is built on a very shaky foundation.

But common consensus has it that he lived between B. This would give us a mid-point of B.

Ekkirala Vedavyas

Two to three feet tall, and perfectly formed and proportioned no midget syndrome or deformed body parts. Perfectly formed human skeletons between 14 and 16 feet tall have been dug out of the fossil beds in the BOTTOM of the Grand Canyon in geological strata that the theory of evolution can’t explain their existence in. Incidentally, the Bible also records races of giants – remember Goliath at roughly nine feet tall? Other skeletons of these giants have been unearthed on every single continent as well.

Feb 11,  · I was just wondering if is it possible that Mahabharata and Ramayana maybe just science fiction? I have gone through different websites which have published proves that the events of Mahabharata and Ramayana are correct as per the ” Astronomical Dating ” and the places mentioned in the epics actually exists. But my point of view is, what about Harry Potter?Status: Resolved.

The Mahabharat, orginally written by Sage Ved Vyas in Sanskrut, has been translated and adapted into numerous languages and has been set to a variety of interpretations. Dating back to “remote antiquity”, it is still a living force in the life of the Indian masses. Incidently, the dating of the Mahabharat War has been a matter of challenge and controversy for a century or two.

European scholars have maintained that the events described in the ancient Sanskrut texts are imaginary and subsequently, the Mahabharat derived to be a fictitiou tale of a war fought between two rivalries. Starting from the so- called Aryan invasion into Bharat, the current Bharatiya chronology starts from the compilation of the Rigved in B. In the meantime, the Brahmanas, Samhi- tas, Puranas, etc. Where does the Ramayan and Mahabharat fit in? Some say that the Ramayan follows Mahabharat and some opine otherwise.

In all this anarchy of Indian histography, the date of the Mahabharat the mythical story! Saunskrut epics were academically attacked occasion- ally – an attempt to disprove the authencity of the annals noted therein. For example, the European Indologiest Maxmuller, tried the interpret the astronomical evidences to prove that the observations recorded in the Hindu scriptures are imaginary, probably because it did not match the prevelant views of European historians! On the contrary, many Bharatiya scholars have vehemently maintained the actual occurance of the Mahabharat War.

Astronomical and literary evidences or clues from the Pauranic and Vaidik texts have been deci- phered to provide a conclusive date for the Mahabharat War.

Hindu astrology

Kamath, historian, told presspersons here on Friday that Raja Ramanna, nuclear scientist, would inaugurate the event. The purpose of the discussion was to explore the possibilities of arriving at a concrete start that could form the basis of Indian history from the Mahabharata period. A critical edition of the text of the Mahabharata contained astronomical events. Of these, the most notable was the occurrence of lunar eclipse just 13 days after a solar eclipse.

A number of astronomers had examined all astronomical references by respective scientific standards including the latest computer technology and drawn astronomical maps. The colloquium would discuss the issue in detail about various views, he said.

Therefore, taking the astronomical works Siddhantas, Tantras and Karanas like – Aryabhatiyam, Mahabhaskariyam, Vatesvara-Siddhanta and Gola, Sisyadhivrddhida Tantra and the commentaries thereof, the significance of such references are studied to find out the date of Mahabharata only based on these ancient Indian astronomical works.

Vedas and types The Vedas 1. The Vedas are perhaps the oldest written text on our planet today. They date back to the beginning of Indian civilization and are the earliest literary records of the whole Aryan race. They are supposed to have been passed through oral tradition for over , years. They came to us in written form between , years ago.

Each group has an original text Mantra and a commentary portion Brahmana. The Brahmana again has two portions, one interpreting ritual and the other the philosophy. The portions interpreting the philosophy of the original texts constitute the Upanishads. There are also auxiliary texts called Vedangas. Vedic literature refers to the whole of this vast group of literature.

The scientific dating of the Ramayana

By Sunaina Kumar “Would you like to see how the sky looked at the beginning of the war? The war he is referring to is the one that famously lasted for 18 days, the greatest of all wars. He switches on his laptop, clicks on Stellarium, a planetarium software that simulates the sky in 3D, feeds in some data, and soon we are staring at a configuration on the screen which looks like the night sky with stars glittering on it.

Nivethan Jeyasingam, a Mahabharata researcher says that the story of Mahabharata is true and has been verified by astronomical dating. Astronomical dating is an accurate way of dating historical.

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7 Astronomical sources predict the date of Mahabharata War which lasted for 18 days

The Origin of the Zodiac: Astrology The zodiac Greek: From the earliest of times, the zodiac has been universally used to predict or reflect characteristics of personality, whether from the Chinese, Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, Egyptian or any other culture, echoing the ancient philosophy ‘As above – so below’ Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for purpose in the heavens. We know from ancient records that the Greeks inherited their knowledge of the heavens primarily from the Mesopotamians, who in turn inherited their knowledge from the Sumerians.

Ekkirala Vedavyas, author of Astronomical dating of the Mahabharata war, on LibraryThing LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

Jayasree Saranathan This blog aims at bringing out the past glory and history of India, Hinduism and its forgotten values and wisdom. This is not copyrighted so as to reach genuine seekers of these information. Wednesday, July 22, The sky map at the time of Mahabharata war. An article on dating the Mahabharata war based on the astro details given in Mahabharata is given below. Great work has been done by persons like Dr Narahari Achar and others.

However I am worried about the correctness of the astro data they have taken as the basis from the Mahabharata. Of these 4, I am afraid that the first two are not correctly understood. The different references to them in Mahabharata can be understood from Jyothisha only. Of the first two, the second one stands dismissed on a very basic astrological rule that Mars can not go retrograde in a sign where Sun is in transit. The solar eclipse is said to have happened with Sun in Jyeshta, in the solar month of Scorpio Karthigai.

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Astronomical Dating of Mythological Events. It is with a mixed feeling of challenge and pleasure this review is written. It may be difficult to appreciate this review until one keeps in mind both the challenge of the contradictions and the pleasure of the innovation just mentioned.

Dating the Mahabharata war and start of Kaliyuga has been elusive and going on for many centuries. Aryabhata, is a famous early astronomer with contributions to science, whose estimate of p, and the time of moon revolution around the earth are so accurate, that his works are being extensively researched.

Posted on January 12, by kvramakrishnarao The Mahabharatam conference concluded at Tirupati on 11th January that started on 7th — the proceedings 3 Manohar the driver , K. Ramakrishna Rao myself , Venkatesh transport coordinator The first two postings of the conference have been posted under captions as follows and their internet links are given in the footnotes: The proceedings of the international conference on Mahabharatam held at Tirupati from 7th to 11th January [1].

The International conference on Mahabharatam held at Tirupati from 7th to 11th January — the proceedings 2 [2]. On the last day of the conference, the vehicle came to Vishnu Nivasam by 8. He said that the persons in Room. The dozen delegates were taken to the venue for breakfast and further proceedings of the day. The crowd, seen at the breakfast, was not seen at the paper-reading session.

Historicity of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puran

Hinduism states that the world, through Brahma, evolved from the Navel of Lord Vishnu that is the Super massive black hole at the inter galactic center. Brahma , with the blessings of Lord Vishnu created the world by producing Daksha Prajapathi , the first Man. Then the entire Humanity evolved. This is creation part elaborated. The Sun ascends and descends from the navel of Lord Vishnu that is the black hole in the Center of the Galaxy.

These 24, year of Ascending and Descending cycle approximates the 25, Precessional Years when the sun moves backwards in the 12 zodiacal constellations.

However, the astronomical data used by the above, and many other, scholars contained some errors as examined by a scho- lar from Pune, Dr. P.V. Vartak. Using astronomical references and variety of other sources, Dr. Vartak has derived the date of the ini- tiation of .

The conflict arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapuram, an Indian kingdom called Kuru. It involved a number of ancient kingdoms participating as allies of the rival groups. If one reads Mahabharata, he will get answers to all the questions in his life. It is one of the great epics of Indian history and the longest epic in the world with shlokas divided into 18 Parvas.

It narrates the story of the Kuru Clan thereby including each and every aspect of human race and their behaviour in various situations. Mahabharatha is very unique as it spreads lights on science, romance, medicine, space travel, warfare, weapons, morals, laws, politics and many more. But what has remained a mystery is that the exact date of when Mahabharatha War happened.

There are various predictions on the date by various experts. Ramesh Panchwagh using Planetarium Software predicts the date as BC Ramesh Panchwagh took about 2 years of continuous study of the original critical Sanskrit Mahabharata published by the Bhandarkar Oriental Studies Institute in Pune after 60 years of research. He finally concluded that Mahabharatha occurred on BC because it was the year which met all the eclipses criteria.

He concluded that Astronomical references in the Epic are very consistent. There is no inconsistency in planetary positions.

What are the Scientific and Historical evidences of Mahabharata and Ramayana?

So is Mahabharata an account of the ancient history of Bharat. The dating of this epic is fundamental in establishing the historical chronology of ancient Bharatiya Itihaas. Veda Vyasa who wrote the Mahabharata observed the sky inscriptions from the banks of River Sarasvati. This date of Mahabharata War is crucial in determing the chronologies in the ancient history of Bharat since many epigraphs and inscriptions with a historical import, refer to time-reckoning based on the starting date of Kaliyuga which is close to the date of the Mahabharata War.

Dating Mahabharata events using astronomical references Using a set of modern technology tools such as Planetarium Software Sky Map Pro 5, Red Shift , Panchanga Software compiled by a Japanese professor to produce the equivalence between Kaliyuga dates and dates of the Christian era, Dr. In the epic, Veda Vyasa himself says that day in and day out he is watching the planetary positions on the skies.

The scientific dating of the Ramayana. Friday, October 2, Rakesh Krishnan But the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other ancient Indian texts like the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads are true records of Indian history, interwoven with mythology, philosophy and spirituality. So how is astronomical dating done? Says eminent historian Dr P.V.

The journey of Jagannath from India to Egypt Part 1: Unraveling the Yuga Cycle Timeline The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices and religious observances fall into disuse.

Change passes over all things, without exception. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness. The universal soul was White… the identification of self with the universal soul was the whole religion of the Perfect Age.

Astronomical dating of Mahabharat By Saroj Bala