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Yoona is 2 shikshin. She makes a cute angry face whenever yuri is sad. She’s a great actress and a model as well. She is the face of Soshi. Her daum fanclub, Luxul, is currently the largest among soshi members. Yoona would like a son and a daughter.

Video: Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Hyoyeon Nail ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge With Cuteness

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Sep 30 8: She is very versatile look at her past projects of the roles and genres she covered! Her acting is natural and organic and nailed her characters very well. She brings charm to her characters, attracts audiences, making them following the development of her characters. Her acting has always moved me. Hope to see more of her work and being acknowledged and recognized by both local and international audiences.

Sep 17 There are so many korean dramas i dropped to watch cause the lead actress’ acting annoys me and i don’t feel the character. I watched most of your drama and i can say that you’re one of the best! Fighting Sep 16 8: She is pretty even though it is obviously fake but doesn’t really matter but whenever she’s acting I can’t help but think it’s too annoying.

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Early life[ edit ] Lee Joon-gi first became interested in the performing arts as a high school student after watching a performance of Hamlet. He moved to Seoul with a dream to work in the entertainment industry rather than getting into college. For the next couple of years, Lee worked at various part-time jobs before he got accepted into the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

King and the Clown and rising fame[ edit ] In January Lee had his first major acting role in the film The King and the Clown , in which he played the historical figure Gong-gil, an effeminate clown in the Joseon Dynasty. Producer Lee Joon-ik revealed the story of how he chose Lee for The King and the Clown by just seeing him do handstands, saying, “Just because of handstands, Lee Joon-gi became the person he is today.

Posts about netizenbuzz written by Tari. Witamy na K-Pop LivePolska:) Miło jest Was gościć na naszym blogu poświęconemu k-popowi oraz kulturze azjatyckiej.

A top of the top celebrity A is ‘shocking shocking’ the industry after it’s been found that he’s dating a female idol star 25 years younger than him. The rumor itself is so surprising that we’re all careful of running it in the media, but these rumors have been being heard since last year. Even broadcast officials had a hard time believing it at first. The rumors first began when the idol star B kept showing up every weekend at A’s private office. Company staff don’t work over the weekends so it seemed that the two used the opportunity to have some private time.

Due to their vast age difference of 25 years, people were more willing to believe that they were just of a senior and junior relationship. On top of that, A’s close friend and junior C also made frequent visits to the office, leading to speculations that B might possibly be actually dating C. After time passed, however, it was confirmed that A is the one dating B. It will be difficult for A to respond to these rumors due to the amount of shock it will bring his fans.

The question remains how long this information will remain as a rumor until he comes out with a statement denying them. Idols C and B are currently dating. Idol D, who is also in the same group as C, is also currently dating idol A.

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 16 Recap

Never heard about this and I am quiet surprised at this decision from him that is a very unliky decision. Anyhow, this article do bring up some issues I want to discuss. I will chose a few ones that bug me to the point I wanna discuss about it and the ones that represent accurately the general opinion on the news.

Looking back at the Netizenbuzz comments, it seems that at that time some netizens though they were undeserving of each other due to various reasons (because he was in EXO, people thought that she had dated a lot of male idols from SME, etc). Compared to them, Yoona and Seunggi were taken more kindly.

Life and career[ edit ] — Early life and career beginnings[ edit ] Yoona was born on May 30, [1] in Yeongdeungpo-gu of Seoul , South Korea. Her family consists of her father and an older sister by five years. S and dreamed of becoming a singer. In , she was cast in the SM Saturday Open Casting Audition and spent five years “doing nothing but constant training” in singing, dancing and acting.

During her trainee days, she had low self-esteem about her low voice, and once thought of giving up singing in order to pursue an acting career. A SM choreographer persuaded her to continue, saying it would be “a waste to give up becoming a singer” with her “outstanding dancing skills”. He also considered her as the best female dancer within the agency.

Prior to debuting, Yoona was introduced to the public through various appearances in music videos and commercials; she first appeared in TVXQ ‘s “Magic Castle” music video in Acting roles and overseas popularity[ edit ] Apart from Girls’ Generation’s activities, Yoona has acted in several television dramas. The drama achieved viewer ratings of up to Yun-hee of the 70s and Ha-na of modern times.

She has matured to the point where you want to ask, ‘When did her acting get so good? It also recorded more than 10 billion hits through various online videos sites, reflecting Yoona’s popularity in China.

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Donghae dating yoona He even guessed it was her donghae dating yoona by looking at her legs on a game. I dunno about the others. Its not Jang geun suk! About Irma Leach donghae dating yoona J How to tell if an idol is dating cr.

Must be sucks to be Suzy’s stan right now so I just remember of this two rumor mills from NetizenBuzz “ 1st article from June H recently rose to the top star level, but despite being at the peak.

Just looking and observing their madness over there. No o, she should have jumped off a cliff because she did nails. I didn’t even notice till I saw the news. Some where complaining about seolhyun outfit. She’s going to her bf’s place, do you want her in batman’s suit ni. All I know is my mumsy will behead me if I head out like that. I don’t know why people have to apologize for dating over there.

I trust my naija people, no one send you oo no be their fault, you know their celebs like to cover up like ninjas while dating, but seolhyun tho showing off that hot body, zico gats to recognize bosslady First thing that came to mind when I saw the news was, ‘what’s she doing with this one’? Their guys have had their fair share of failed public relationships so they understand and will work harder to make the next a better one.

Lee Min Ho And Yoona Are An Adorable Couple In ‘Summer Love’ For Innisfree

Thursday September 27, 8: Fans captured the moment which made it seem Junsu and Taeyeon are holding hands on stage. When some pictures of the two touring Los Angeles went viral, some became completely convinced there is something between these K-Pop idols. Of course, SM Entertainment did not release any official statements regarding this dating rumor and fans defended both Taeyeon and Junsu to be agency friends.

The two snapped tons of pictures together all of which make Taeyeon and Kangin seem quite close, if not intimate.

Mar 22,  · dcathy said: Just to share this interesting article from NetizenBuzz [LOL] How to tell if an idol is dating Just a funny checklist “supposedly” compiled by women in their late 20s who have been fans of certain groups for over 10 years.

Female Idols Drinking in the Public Eye June 1, Josh 1 In the world of K-pop, alcohol hides behind a closed door, waiting to strike an idol to her knees in controversy. The bizarre part is that scandals that arise out of alcohol are seemingly random: Internationally, South Korea has developed a notorious relationship with alcohol. In fact, they drink twice as much liquor as Russians and have the most alcoholics. According to Chosun Ilbo, almost 6 million Koreans drink alcohol every day to the tune of 9.

Drinking is a cultural thing:

[News] Lee Seung Gi & SNSD YoonA are dating