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I lost a lot of my blogging mojo when Moving Blogging Here Jul 6, I just announced over on openbuddha. This post is rather heavy with the use of Flash to show videos. Visiting Metrix Apr 30, Last week I was up in my old home of Seattle for a few days to see family and friends Zen Druids Apr 13, This is a cross post from my new post over at pagandharma. To my recollection, he was 85 years old, growing up

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Nomenclature and etymology[ edit ] Prayer wheel or Mani wheel Tibetan: The Tibetan term is a contraction: Origins[ edit ] The earliest recorded prayer wheels were written of by a Chinese pilgrim around C. Tibetan texts also say that the practice was taught by the Indian Buddhist masters Tilopa and Naropa as well as the Tibetan masters Marpa and Milarepa.

In Buddhism, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have created a variety of skillful means upaya to help bring practitioners ever closer to realizing enlightenment. The idea of spinning mantras relates to numerous Tantric practices whereby the Tantric practitioner visualizes mantras revolving around the nadis and especially around the meridian chakras such as the heart and crown.

Therefore, prayer wheels are a visual aid for developing one’s capacity for these types of Tantric visualizations.

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In the Bible against the Quran: The Lord God said, “Go, take to yourself an adulterous wife and children of unfaithfulness. The Lord God commanded Hosea to take an adulterous wife, because the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the Lord.

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Improves results of other healing modalities Long-standing physical ailments To find out more about how Tibetan 5 Element Healing Sessions can benefit you, please e-mail Jacques at yeshedundrup gmail. Jacques has been a natural health practitioner for over 21 years, a member of natural health clinics in California, and a radionics master, with training in classic homeopathy, herbology, and nutrition. The 5 Element healing methods were revealed and accomplished under the guidance of Lama Tashi Dundrup and other Kagyu Lamas.

He has used these methods directly on Lamas and their consorts to benefit them, and their students. He has been practicing the 5 Element methods for about 5 years, and now primarily focuses on these methods, feeling they are more powerful and effective than any other methods he has trained in. Jacques Drouin has been studying and practicing the Tantric Arts for over 25 years. After taking refuge and receiving empowerments initiations into the Shangpa Kagyu lineage, he received direct instruction in the Tibetan Five Element Sexual practices from Lama Tashi Dundrup, and continues to practice them under his guidance.

Lama Tashi Dundrup has been teaching Tantric bodhisattva practice for over 20 years, and has received some of the highest and most secret teachings and empowerments of Tibetan Tantric practice. After reaching a degree of accomplishment in specific practices, Jacques was given Lama Tashi’s blessing to begin teaching the Tantric Arts of Love, including the Five Element practices.

These techniques have been practiced in secret for thousands of years, taught only by great masters in an unbroken line down to us today.

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Dunhuang manuscripts, Inscriptions and related materials. IOL Tib J In order to make these documents widely and freely available, the editors have transliterated selected texts and published these on the OTDO website. For each transliteration, the text has been closely read by at least two pairs of eyes, either by our editors who have consulted the documents in person, or with recourse to high-quality images.

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Their legends claim that they lived along the Yellow River and Yangtze River valleys as early as 5, years ago. Later they migrated to the forests and mountains of southwest China. There they mostly lived in Guizhou Province. Military attacks in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries forced them into the nearby provinces of Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, and Yunnan.

From their earliest days, the Miao practiced primitive farming using slash-and-burn methods. Families never lived in the same house more than five years. As the soil in one area became depleted, they would move away. The Miao became known for always being on the move.

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It is now a gigantic architecture complex. Located in the east, facing to the west, it is a four-story temple with splendid golden roofs, spires and emblems. The murals in the temple mainly depict the life stories of historic characters.

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The emergence and development of competing sects in Tibetan Buddhism is best viewed as a struggle between the clerical side of Buddhism, with its emphasis and textual study, and the Tantric side, which emphasizes shaman-style rituals and techniques. Each Tibetan sect addresses this struggle and in most cases emphasizes either the clerical side or the Tantric side over the other.

All the different sects struggled for dominance as they emerged. Each school traces its founding in Tibet to a particular person, who in turn is connected to a particular tradition in India. There are four principal schools within modern Tibetan Buddhism: The Nyingmapa Order is the oldest, dating back to the 8th century. The Kagyupa order and the Sakyapa order emerged around the same time in the 11th century. The Gelugpa Yellow Hat order emerged in the 15th century as a purer form of Buddhism at a time when the other sects were regarded as corrupt.

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Online Alchemy Catalog The Emerald Tablet The origin of the tablet is lost in legends that go back more than 10, years. But its words have survived. We now know that Newton was more an alchemist than a physicist. Various Pieces on the Emerald Tablet includes eight original translations and interpretations dating from the Middle Ages to modern times. The Emerald Tablet is a translation of the document that reflects the beliefs and dogma of the Freemasons. They believed the tablet was the source of all wisdom.

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Old Beads showing natural wear Certain kinds of agate do not always show this ageing, agate that is very dense in its structure, and therefore the surface is less porous and less likely to be affected by this kind of age wear. Also, if a bead has not been buried but has always been worn and not exposed to climate extremes, would probably not show this type of ageing, as in the case of the bead from the Afghanistan area below.

It has been suggested that these marks may be made by fossils, which could be possible, but a close inspection of them did not reveal anything of a fossilised nature. Indeed they are so similar to the markings on the beads, to convince me that they are caused by similar natural processes. One plausible theory was that the stones were heated at a extremely high altitude where the air is so thin that expansion is minimal. As Tibet is the highest country on the planet this gives some credence to this theory.

This does not explain how the Indus valley culture etched carnelians though, as this is not at altitude. However with the market flooded with huge quantities of replica and duplicate beads it seems very unlikely that all, if any, of these so called antique and middle period beads were made this way. The process how of how the markings were etched into the pure dZi stones is fascinating.

After the bead had been shaped, it was coated in Natron, known more correctly as Hydrous Sodium Carbonate, and then baked which turned the stone whitish. The stone was then baked again, burning the sugar within the stone and turning it the familiar brown colour of most pure dZi. This method was somewhat hit and miss as the density of agate varied greatly, allowing more or less of the solution to penetrate, giving rise to variations in the depth of colour of the markings, a problem still happening today with the modern copies, many of which have this mottled effect on the pattern.

Other chemicals were also used creating different colours, mostly this can be seen on the striped Chung dZi, which comes in a variety of different colours. The pictures on this site give the approximate values of various kinds of beads.

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But if stepping into the Dalai Lama ‘s shoes was not a tough enough act already, he has now laid down an extra qualification for whoever should succeed him. Tibet’s spiritual leader has declared that if it is a woman, she must not just be loving and affectionate – she should also be easy on the eye. In remarks that have astonished his followers round the world, the year-old Buddhist has said that while he would be happy for a female to take over his role, a plain or ugly candidate would not be suitable.

The Dalai Lama, a self-declared feminist, made his remarks while on a nine-day visit to London, where he is promoting the concepts of compassionate and considerate behaviour.

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Distribution and classification of Sino-Tibetan languages Distribution Sinitic languages Sinitic languages, commonly known as the Chinese dialects, are spoken in China and on the island of Taiwan and by important minorities in all the countries of Southeast Asia by a majority only in Singapore. In addition, Sinitic languages are spoken by Chinese immigrants in many parts of the world, notably in Oceania and in North and South America ; altogether there are nearly 1. Sinitic is divided into a number of language groups, by far the most important of which is Mandarin or Northern Chinese.

Mandarin, which includes Modern Standard Chinese based on the Beijing dialect , is not only the most important language of the Sino-Tibetan family but also has the most ancient writing tradition still in use of any modern language. They also are spoken by hill tribes throughout mainland Southeast Asia and central China the provinces of Gansu , Qinghai , Sichuan , and Yunnan. The Tibetan writing system which dates from the 7th century and the Burmese dating from the 11th century are derived from the Indo-Aryan Indic tradition.

The Xixia system developed in the 11th—13th century in northwestern China was based on the Chinese model. Pictographic writing systems, which show some influence from Chinese, were developed within the past years by Yi and Naxi formerly Moso tribes in western China. In modern times many Tibeto-Burman languages have acquired writing systems in Roman Latin script or in the script of the host country Thai, Burmese, Indic, and others.

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See Article History Alternative Title: Situated in an oasis in the Gansu-Xinjiang desert region, it is at the far western limit of traditional Chinese settlement along the Silk Road across Central Asia. Dunhuang was the first trading town reached by foreign merchants entering Chinese-administered territory from the west. The city In ancient times Dunhuang was the point at which the two branches of the Silk Road, running around the Tarim Basin on the north and on the south, converged.

Dating Abroad, Travel Destinations» Tibet. Dating & Romance. Posted January 14, by Tariq El Kashef. Despite the Chinese influence, and the gradual import of western culture, movies and music, Tibet still remains a pretty traditional sort of place, especially outside of the major cities.

Despite the Chinese influence, and the gradual import of western culture, movies and music, Tibet still remains a pretty traditional sort of place, especially outside of the major cities. She will rotate bedrooms at night, and do her best to be a good wife to each and every one of them. While they may be smiley, and occasionally flirty the girls and boys tend to stick to themselves. In fact, well used to being the superior class in Tibet, the Chinese give little attention to foreign faces and go about their business with a certain nonchalant aloofness.

Oh, and there is always your disproportionate wealth, for the time being anyway…. One little known fact about Tibet is that it is unofficially one the sleaziest places in China with a booming sex industry continually expanding to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of Chinese military personnel stationed there. Every town has dozens of brothels which take the form of dubious 24 hour hair dressing salons.