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Articles and Essays Articles and Essays Introduction to the Collection The Sanborn map collection consists of a uniform series of large-scale maps, dating from to the present and depicting the commercial, industrial, and residential sections of some twelve thousand cities and towns in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Sanborn Samplers To illustrate the value of fire insurance maps for historical research, maps of a number of locations around the country are reproduced here and presented with a brief history of the site and some explanation of significant features as portrayed on the maps. These locations were selected because of their historical importance, their popularity as places to visit, or because they represent important types Sanborn Time Series Fire insurance maps are valuable to much historic research because they often provide evidence of change over time. Specific changes in an individual site such as when a building was expanded or torn down, can often be dated within a reasonably accurate time frame, depending on how many different map editions for that city are available. Change can also be examined in a larger

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Thanks for your many years of attention and everything you’ve done to make the site such a valuable resource. The first thing is that you have to do some configuring of both Java and Safari to get the applet to run at all. Once that was all done, I could log in from all my Macs, fire up the applet and establish a secure connection.

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Share this article Share The school, which is rated ‘good’ by Ofsted, has a number of famous alumni including DailyMail. Headteacher Tony Smith wanted the uniform to be gender neutral for transgender pupils ‘I presume all female Priory teachers will now also be banned from wearing skirts on gender neutral grounds which would also be absurd – or is it one rule for them and another for the students?

This is a step backwards. Priory School, a mixed co-ed for pupils aged 11 to 16 in Lewes, East Sussex, said it also brought in the rule following ‘complaints from parents about short skirts’ All new pupils entering the school in future years will adopt the new attire. In the summer, the uniform is ‘shorts and skorts’ — with both sexes able to wear either option.

Tony Smith, head teacher at the school, said the decision was made in response to comments from parents and the community — including concerns that the skirts were being rolled up and worn in a way that promoted the ‘sexualisation of young women’.

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It aired both produced season 2 and season 3 episodes. The staff announced that it would begin in October , although the FOX statement announced that it would begin on September 30, Season 3 was announced on May 14, , alongside the cancellation of Napoleon Dynamite.

Bumblebee, real name Karen Beecher, is a member of the Team. She is a former student of Happy Harbor High School, where she was a classmate of Superboy and Miss Martian. She is romantically involved with Mal Duncan. A team player, Karen is a clear .

By Amy-Mae Turner Which is why, in addition to our getting started guide to Spotify , and our hints, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the music streaming service, we like to offer up a selection of great Spotify-themed sites from across the web. Current and future Spotify users are well taken care of online with nearly a hundred sites that have sprung up around the service offering anything from news to stats to playlists to social networking.

Many of them you can take advantage of now, even if you don’t have access to Spotify. If you’re a fan of Spotify then have a look through the sites and services we’ve selected below, as they should prove more than useful, bringing an extra dimension to your Spotify usage, and do let us know about any other great Spotify-related online properties that you visit in the comments.

As well as news-based blog posts, there’s also what’s new on Spotify listings a little dry with the list format but useful , links to other Spotify resources, and news of Spotify removals. White sometimes mixes it up with posts on synthpop music, Android, and a sprinkling of sci-fi, but it’s definitely one to follow if you want to stay Spotify savvy. With almost members it’s no Facebook, but it’s a go-to place if you’re into Spotify and lean to the social side of the web.

Spotibot Not a support site for those with acne-ridden posteriors, but a recommendation engine with some nifty tricks up its sleeve, Spotibot is well worth a look. You can take the site on face value and simply use it by entering the name of an artist you like and getting similar artists recommendations, but you can also generate lists from your Last. Spotify Hunted As the name might suggest, Spotify Hunted is a specially themed version of We Are Hunted – the site that offers the 99 most popular or most talked about songs in the world at any one time.

Interestingly, at the time of writing the first nine songs on Spotify Hunted and We Are Hunted were different, showing that, perhaps due to its regional availability, Spotify users are listening to alternative tune-age. As well as an interesting snapshot of what’s hot, Spotify Hunted is also a good looking great way to discover emerging acts.

Ask An Army Spouse: Dating a Soldier Online Scam

In , she landed her first main role in the TV series Super Inggo playing Maya, the love interest of the main character. Coincidentally, both premiered on June 28, Since its premiere, the TV series remained a consistent leader in primetime ratings. On the show, Bernardo played the role of year-old Ella who lives with her single mother.

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Some say they need money for special laptops and cell phones. Others say they need cash to buy special papers to come home on leave or a registration form because military officials won’t let them talk to family. The papers are phony, often poorly doctored versions of actual military documents. The person using Hursey’s photographs sent Robinson what he called a form to register to be able to speak to the soldier on the telephone. The form, a poorly doctored copy of a common Army form used to correct information in a soldier’s official record, included a blank to fill in the intended victim’s social security number.

Robinson said she knew people didn’t have to register to talk to soldiers and refused to fill out the form. She also refused his requests to wire money and send credit card and bank account numbers. Instead, she contacted a local television reporter and Hursey, whose name was visible in the phony profile’s photos. Grey said there are no known instances of Army personnel losing money in such scams. But the victims have. Because many scams originate in foreign countries, military officials can do little except offer advice about the scams and direct victims to agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission.

The scammers use untraceable e-mail addresses, route accounts through international locations, and use pay-per-hour Internet cyber-cafes that also make it difficult to trace them, Grey said. The Army encourages anyone who suspects they are being used in a scam to file a report with their local police as well as report the cases to agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission.

Are You Dating an Army Soldier or a Fake?

The foundation stone for the new University campus was laid by Queensland Premier the Hon William Forgan Smith on 6 March and construction began the following year. Built from Helidon freestone — or sandstone — it was unlike other buildings of the period as no attempt was made to achieve a uniform colour, resulting in a swathe of purples, lavenders, creams, buffs and browns that looks particularly attractive after rain. A bronze plaque commemorating this period can be found in the Forgan Smith tower.

Their objective was to record in stone: Muller produced several hundred carvings in a range of styles until his death in , after which work on the Great Court carvings languished for more than two decades.

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More He was a star athlete, and in the small town of Bloomfield, Connecticut that made him very popular with the girls of his high school. He attracted a lot of attention both on the field and off. However, he was involved in a deadly altercations just a few nights before a big football game between two high school rival. When police got to the scene, they found a bloody man on a lawn and a teen standing over him who was also bloody. The teen was T. The man, his best friend, Ronald Taylor.

Ronald had been stabbed 19 times all over his body.

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The site made it so easy, there was no fuss. I knew I wanted to date someone military, and I looked him up so quickly. I couldn’t believe how quickly we started chatting and really hitting it off.

iTunes Google Play Stitcher his long history in the NFL dating back to his days under Mike Ditka, and his experience on the set of the Jerry Maguire film during his tenure with the Arizona.

Or, maybe you’re a proud old-timer. In which case, we simply recommend this: A fuddy duddy is someone very old fashioned, out of touch, and probably a bit stuffy. Web surfing Oh, dear. Yes, this phrase was bandied about not so long ago. Back when the internet was new, clicking your way around and waiting forever for the page to load was called web surfing.

Channel surfing, meet streaming and binge-watching. John was the most popular name for boys in through , so whoever coined the phrase clearly gave it some thought. Perhaps the reason lies in the rumored root of the phrase, said to be related to the men who managed ladies of the night back in the s. A customer is still referred to as a trick.

Both of these terms were popular in the early and mid th century.

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My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, also simply titled My Little Pony: Brony Donald “Dusty Katt” Rhoades tweeted wondering about Rudell’s silence on Twitter, and Rudell announced that he was “too busy working on 3”. It premiered on Family Channel in Canada on September 26, at 3:

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Though of lessening distinction as the Victorian period wore on, the delicious prospect of being presented to the Queen or Prince of Wales continued to be a beacon to ambitious social climbers. When the date of a drawing room was announced, letters poured into the Lord Chamberlain, suggesting names of ladies for presentation. The lady wishing to be presented should be of good moral and social character.

Presentation had to be made by someone who had already been presented. The status of the actual presentee. Whether the train is cut round or square is a matter of inclination or fashion. The width at the end should be 54 inches. It is also imperative that a presentation dress should be white if the person presented be an unmarried lady and it is also the fashion for married ladies to wear white on their presentation unless their age rendered their doing so unsuitable The white dresses worn by either debutante or married ladies may be trimmed with either colored or white flowers according to individual taste.

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Contains no objectionable material. No Rating These apps cannot be purchased on the App Store. This method limited the reach of distribution of the operating system to those who currently use Mac OS X This has also affected Apple’s prior means of distribution through its own website, with the Downloads gallery being removed in July and replaced with links to the Mac App Store information page.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States with more than 60+ million subscribers to their Prime membership, which offers free shipping, streaming music, .

His rules gave me something more than a good giggle: I wanted to be seen as a part of a team—his team—and by styling myself to look the part, I was hoping to become a naturalized citizen of his psychic nation. If I looked like I belonged with him, perhaps I might actually belong with him. I wanted us to be on the same page of the catalogue, so to speak, so I tailored my own presentation in order to allow both of us to better envision a life in which we were on the same page in other ways.

My page, unlike his, did not include maintaining an active online dating profile while we were together. Must I spell out that part of my eagerness to look like we belonged together was because it was so clear we had no business being so? To be clear, this was about me, not him.