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Explorers accidentally find 41 shipwrecks thousands of years old in Black Sea

Sea caves are formed by the power of the ocean or in some cases, lakes attacking zones of weakness in coastal cliffs. The weak zone is usually a fault, or fractured zone formed during slippage. Another type of weak zone is formed where dissimilar types of rocks are interbedded and one is weaker than the other. Typically this is a dike, or intrusive vein of more easily eroded rock found within a stronger host rock.

Yet a third instance is in sedimentary rocks where a layer of softer rock is interbedded between harder layers. The cave may begin as a very narrow crack into which waves can penetrate and exert tremendous force, cracking the rock from within by both the weight of the water and by compression of air.

The biggest gains in laser sailing can be made downwind. It is essential to have good boat speed downwind if you intend on winning races. In the laser, sailing the .

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

Dinghy Repair Hull and Deck Repair. Go To: Sailing – Dinghy Repair Posted on Saturday, July 12, PM. Most second hand boats these days will have some kind of damage – see if you’re up to the job of repairing it with our guide.

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Paul Cox, a brilliant mathematician who always did well in his exams, sailed into Oxford but could not overcome his drug habit When Paul Cox arrived as an undergraduate at Keble College, Oxford, in the autumn of to study engineering, his family had no doubts that he had the world at his feet. Paul was so clever and talented he could have been anything he wanted.

Fiercely intelligent and a ‘brilliant mathematician’, he sailed through exams with a minimum of effort and left his selective grammar school in Plymouth with five A-levels, three of them A grades.

Jeremy Evans goes for a ‘family sail’ on Laser’s newest and biggest budget-priced rotomoulded dinghy – The Laser Bahia Image courtesy of Bahia means ‘beach’ if you live in South America (it is a coastal state of Brazil) and is pronounced ‘ba-hee-ya’.

History[ edit ] For more details on this topic, see Maritime history. Throughout history sailing has been instrumental in the development of civilization, affording humanity greater mobility than travel over land, whether for trade, transport or warfare, and the capacity for fishing. The earliest representation of a ship under sail appears on a painted disc found in Kuwait dating between and BCE.

There were improvements in sails, masts and rigging ; improvements in marine navigation, including the cross tree and charts of both the sea and constellations, allowed more certainty in sea travel. From the 15th century onwards, European ships went further north, stayed longer on the Grand Banks and in the Gulf of St. Lawrence , and eventually began to explore the Pacific Northwest and the Western Arctic.

According to Jett, the Egyptians used a bi-pod mast to support a sail that allowed a reed craft to travel upriver with a following wind, as late as 3, BCE. Such sails evolved into the square-sail rig that persisted up to the 19th century. Forces on sails The physics of sailing arises from a balance of forces between the wind powering the sailing craft as it passes over its sails and the resistance by the sailing craft against being blown off course, which is provided in the water by the keel , rudder , underwater foils and other elements of the underbody of a sailboat, on ice by the runners of an ice boat , or on land by the wheels of a sail-powered land vehicle.

Forces on sails depend on wind speed and direction and the speed and direction of the craft. The speed of the craft at a given point of sail contributes to the ” apparent wind “—the wind speed and direction as measured on the moving craft.

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May 16,  · Do laser make alternate sails without buttons or does this sound like a fake? Thanks very much If there is a company logo, instead of a laser patch then it might be a oz sail dating from the early 70’s (very unlikely) or the sail is a fake. What company logo is on the sail? J. Jonny_C New Member. May 14, #4.


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The Laser boasts a long list of veterans who are Olympic Medalists, America’s Cup Helmsman, and Collegiate All-Americans. The boat and equipment have changed little since Bruce Kirby’s original design, but Harken’s recent innovations have been accepted into the Class rules.


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The Laser Radial is a popular one-design class of small sailing dinghy, originally built by Laser Performance. It is a singlehanded boat, meaning that it is sailed by one person. It is a singlehanded boat, meaning that it is sailed by one : m (13 ft 9 in).


Sail Set Up – Top Tips from Mike Lennon – Lennon Performance Products – Laser